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Last Call…

by Slack, on April 1st, 2011

Well, I guess since I’m signing off of this blog finally, it would be ok to put a shameless plug for myself, and some buddies on here. I mean, it’s not like anyone but Charles reads this drivel. :) Don’t forget to update your bookmarks to the new blog at!

  • Looking for a software developer who has tons of web experience leaning on the .NET side of the house? I’ve got experience with development of applications, websites, modules, utilities, and much more. I’m also good with the other parts that are played in the game of making software. I can lead, follow, manage, strategize, advise, consult and educate. I have a unique perspective on software development, and can surely help you make the right decisions for your project. Head over to House Trevethan to get in touch about anything software development!
  • Looking for a great website designer who leans toward the Cult of Mac, or the Linux/Apache side of the house? You have a great developer with Scott Berks. He’s a talented, inteligent, and very creative guy. Truly someone who inspired me, and still does. So, if you need someone who can do it all, and for some reason, you don’t want to go with me, check out Scott!
  • Looking for hardware help in the Southern Arizona area? Adam D. Technology is the group to contact if you need help with your computer systems, or network. Adam’s a great guy, and offers great service at a great price! Check them out if your hardware seems possessed or you find yourself banging your head into the screen more than once a week.
  • Got a sweet tooth? Well, my wife is a pasty chef! Right now she’s working at the Ritz Carlton here in town, but she does do side gigs as well. Her website, Sweetmunkies, is where you go to get in touch with her. Or just call me.
  • Gardening? I have a buddy up in the mountains that has turned his love of growing stuff into a business. Check him out at Remote Gardener.
  • Looking for handmade knitted stuff? Check out “handknitdiapercovers” on

I’m sure some other friends of mine have gigs going that I’ve forgotten. If you see this, and I didn’t list you, send me a note and I’ll get you a link on there. :) Cuz, you know, that’s what you really needed to hit the bigtime is a link on Slack’s Place! :)

And, we’ve moving…

by Slack, on April 1st, 2011

Time for Slack to grow up and have a more ‘middle-aged’ presence rather than this 20 something space… Was it a 20 something space? At any rate, I’m moving over to for my personal blog now. No idea if I will be keeping up with it or not, but I have a lot of learning to do on the CMS and you know the best form of learning is doing, so here we go. :)

Hello? Is This Thing On?

by Slack, on March 30th, 2011

Hi there. Anyone still on this channel? I’m thinking of writing again. Does anyone care? I’ll write again even if you don’t I think, but thought I’d check anyway. :)


by Slack, on March 31st, 2010

I took the title of this post from a buddy of mine at Seemed like an appropriate title for a post where I will talk about how many irons I have in the fire, and how many cookie jars I’ve got my fingers in. He said it well when he said that he changes direction more than his underwear. Then he went on about something else, blah blah blah SQUIRREL! I had already changed directions. He does paint some pretty awesome models, however! I saw what looked like a battleship, so I assume he’s working on ships now. But I digress…

I’m here to talk about me, and let’s face it, you are hear to read about me. You must be the poster boy, or girl, of boredom… or related to me… Or both… Probably both. So, it seems I haven’t written since January. Let’s see if I can’t catch you up, faithful readers.

Job. My job still rocks. I get to work with code and explore new technology. It’s my thang, you know. Nothing particularly interesting there. I’m working on .NET Remoting, which admittedly is not “new tech”, but it’s new to me, and it’s pretty neat stuff. I wish I could jump into WCF with the rest of the world, but the corporate machine moves slow and cautiously, so we are still using .NET 2.0 here. Nevertheless, .NET Remoting is proving to be some pretty neat and useful stuff. The foundation it is laying for me and my counterparts will no doubt be in valuable when we do move to .NET 3.5.

Bills are still piling up on us, like everyone else in the world. So, I still take side projects to supplement my income. It’s a great way to supplement the income and get some extra cash into the coffers. I’m doing this stuff at home anyway, so might as well make some cash at it too. I’m building up a nice client list and who knows maybe one day down the road it would be a sustaining income.

Heidi is slightly ramping up her cake decorating business again. I’m so glad to see her doing that. We both know it’s a passion for her, and I know that she would be wildly successful at it, given the proper time and place of business to do it. In the meantime, there’s yummy, home made, desserts at our house again. :)

The food we’re eating in general is much better now too, thanks to Heidi. She has taken it upon herself to make sure we are all eating whole foods at least 90% of the time, and that the meat we eat is properly handled through it’s entire lifecycle. We watched Food, Inc. recently and it was a bit of a wake up call for us. Nothing we didn’t already know, but we just got tired of being ok with it. I must admit, I feel a heck of a lot better now that my diet is better. Can’t wait to get further down the road with it.

I recently had to put in a new climate control system for my home office. Too much computer equipment in there now! Kinda neat to have that room on its own “zone”.

My son is still having heart “flutterings” or whatever. Not sure if I mentioned this yet, and too lazy to go check. But he’s been having some heart “vibrations” (that’s what he calls them). They last a couple seconds, and scare him sometimes. We had a monitor on him for a month to capture these things. Doc said nothing looks weird. So, not sure what it is. It’s pissing me off that we can’t find anything solid on it. More to come on that — hopefully a solution — soon.

Games!! We all know how I love my games! Well, there’s this new game called, “WORK YOUR ASS OFF CUZ YOU GOT BILLS” that I’ve been playing. … Stupid bills. I got a nice new gaming machine, and haven’t been able to stretch its legs yet… grrrr.

That’s about it… More to come hopefully… But you know how that goes. :) I’m gonna hit post before I change my mind and post nothing.

Tighten the Budget and Tighten the Belt

by Slack, on January 13th, 2010

I’m feeling good about things. How’s that for a new, refreshing way to start a blog post? Why you might ask? I am on a diet. We are minimizing our material purchases. I work at least 14 hours a day. My back is jacked up – I mean bad jacked up. No, those would seem to be reasons that make me unhappy. Every single one of them does, in fact, make me unhappy.

But, I am trying to look at those very same situations in a new light. I’m losing weight and feel much better about myself. Ok, maybe just a little better – but better is better. I like most of the materials that I currently own so don’t desire for much more. I like the work I do, and feel like I make a difference in a great many arenas. My doctor has just about got my back pain to a controllable level.

Blah blah, right? You might say that I just said the same things in a positive light. Big deal. Well, to me it is!! This is a new thing for me. At least a very long lost discipline. Whatever, I have it back to some extent and the days seem brighter, and filled with hope. I’ll take it!

I hear the question, “Want to grab some coffee from the cafe?” less often. It seems to have been replaced with questions like, “You saved that ziploc bag from lunch that you used for your crackers, right?” … Man how I miss breves…

Heidi is taking the same approach to things as well, and things are feeling a lot better as a whole for this family. Even in light of some events I won’t mention that might otherwise depress us quite a bit. Shut up, I said I won’t mention — stop asking. ;)

We’re both hoping our compasses are pointing in a positive direction and that it might have a positive effect on a certain little boy who looks to us for guidance in this scary world…

OH! Here’s a postscript to contrast this entire post… I over heard Heidi tell Rhys to only take three of the chocolate treats she had made (Buckeyes). I walked out and found the plate in front of Rhys with four chocolate blemishes on it.

That indicated to me that he had eaten four. I had also just heard him say that he was going to go ahead and decide to eat four. That’s his thing lately. Testing authority. Mom quickly shut him down and said “NO! I said three!!” That was before I walked out there..

Anyway, I gave Rhys the “WTF, DUDE!!” look.

He gave me the “OMG SHIT, I’M BUSTED” look and said, “s-o-r-r-y” in a whispered tone…

Then I did the ‘dad thing’ where you shut everything off and tell him to clean up, then I stare into his soul and reduce the poor kid to tears.

Then I hear Heidi say, “OMG Wait!! He only ate three!!” Turns out she had one earlier. The fourth smudge was hers…

I had to apologize and make up with my son and get him to forgive me… He eventually did. I still feel like total shit though. :(

Anyway, good night world. See you tomorrow!

Quickie Diet Update

by Slack, on January 10th, 2010

Just weighed in… 208lbs and 30.7 BF… Going to start putting waist measurement into the mix I think, too. Just gotta find that tape measure. ha!