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A Bit O’ vim Humor

by Slack, on June 25th, 2005

Yes, I know this officially qualifies me as a dork… But, come on… Haven’t we all known for quite some time now? :-D

The Arcade, and Shock Therapy

by Slack, on June 23rd, 2005

So, tonight I will post BEFORE I take that damn Ambien… I got to see the damn hand therapist today. For those not in the know, I have De Quervain’s Disease… W00t! WebMD has a nice little article about it. Best I can tell, I got it from replacing a metric ass-ton of phones at Spacely back around my birthday. Whatever. Shit happens. Just this shit fucking hurts! For the first couple weeks I pretty much had to keep my thumb perfectly still to avoid pain. Of course my failure to do so provided my co-workers at Spacely a bit of entertainment. These days, however, after the cortisone shot it is feeling MUCH better. I have about 85% of my range of motion back. The damn Finklestein Test still makes me jump like someone just shoved bamboo under my nails. Apparently this physical therapy is supposed to take care of that tho… Whatever. I have little faith in this type of thing. I’m far too tired to go into it, but the gist is I think these fuckers are just out for a buck… More than they have my interests at heart anyway… We shall see. I go back on Friday.

In other news, I’m adding another cartoon to my toon block. I’ll thank my boss at Spacely for this one. Gotta love Penny Arcade… I know K and T showed this to me a long time ago, but I never got hooked… Yeah, I’m officially hooked now. What’s worse is I have this horrible comic OCD where I have to read from the very beginning. I’m up to October of 2001 so far…


by Slack, on June 20th, 2005

This’ll be quick, unchecked, and perhaps a bit unconsiderable… Imv taken a reall fast acting sleping plii and its bout kickin in…

So, here we go. What to udate: Rhys stood up TWICE on his own. DIdn’t stay up, but did it. :) H goees tomorrow fo rhis 18 month check up… Get to see how hes doing with al l that… FLAGR@@@d Damn ambien makes me sleepyu…

Work is work. nought rel big goin on there to spteak of. nuth a day, nutha dollar… We’ve got a team day comping up soon so that shou be fun. They usually are. :)

Heidi is going on a rod trip with one o f her best friendstto Iowa for like 3 months@.

Ok… system shutdown I beleive has arrived… good night folks. :) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


EDIT (06/20/05)

Ok, let me try to translate that to English… WOW! I had no idea it was that bad..

This will be a quick entry since I’ve taken an Ambien and can harldy keep both eyes open at the same time… Thus, there may be a few small gramatical and spelling errors…

So, what’s goin on lately… Rhys stood up twice on his own, with no supporting help from Mom, Dad, or pieces of furniture. He didn’t walk anywhere and sat down proptly afterward. I figure he just wanted to say, “SEE!! I can do it! Now shut the hell up and let me play!” Tomorrow is his 18 month check up. Will let you now about that later. DAMN IT!!! This pill is making me sleepy!

Nothing new to speak of at work. We have one of our “Team Days” coming up soon and that should be fun. They usually are.

Heidi is going on her road trip with Bobbi soon. She’ll be gone for around 3 weeks, although apparently it feels like it will be 3 months… :)

Ok, I better go to bed now since I’m typing with my nose… Good night…