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Space Toys

by Slack, on July 20th, 2006

Hey internet peeps. Great store out there that my buddy up in Show Low runs. He sells pretty much all things space toy related. You name it, he’s got it. :) Just wanted to give a plug to his site real quick. Worth a look! Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas

Diets Suck

by Slack, on July 19th, 2006

Ok, I’m sitting here writing instead of eating that yummy bowl of basil chicken fried rice that I made tonight. Why? Because I’m dieting again! Yes, I realize my diets hardly seem restrictive, but well, they are damnit. Just because you are dieting does not mean you have to use low fat foods. At least not to excess. No sense in cutting flavor. I’d much rather have less food containing full flavor than more food which tastes like hippy cardboard pie. So, yeah, I’m restricting myself to 1500 cals… I’m not hitting that mark all the time, but I’m close enough. I can tell it’s working because I am horribly hungry, and crankier than a … … cranky thing? Oh, and I can tell because my wit is dead as a … … a dead thing.

So, anyway, just wanted to jump on here and give a quick “fuck you bastard” to my new diet. Soon to join the party will be the Quit Smoking Dragon. I’m gonna be a fucking joy to be around. ;)


by Slack, on July 15th, 2006

Ok, I was looking for the video of the kid who was scared by the Where’s Waldo internet thing, and stumbled onto this little gem… Fucking hilarious!

Hot Cup of Hoffee

Buckle up, kid.

by Slack, on July 14th, 2006

I’m sure all of my readers (work with me, pretend I actually have readers) who know what ‘Spacely’ truly is have read the numerous news articles in circulation right now. I won’t go into specifics in the interest of sticking with the contract where were cannot say for whom we work… Anyway, things at Spacely are really in flux right now. Unlike the last time things were in flux and felt uncertain, I’m not as bothered by it this time. I suppose I’m bothered enough to seek out some “Blog Therapy”, but whatever.

It’s not like the last time where I knew three months in advance and had to keep it secret. God, that sucked. I’m glad I’m not in a position like that again. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing certain right now about the future of Spacely. Nobody has come out and said the days are limited or anything — which is probably why I’m not as bothered as the last time — but the floorlore and rumormill is crackling. Whatever, I’ve learned in my eleven years with the company to not lend much attention to the local scuttlebutt.

The thought of seeing my end of days at Spacely, however, has spurred some much needed juice into me, and that really is the point. :) I’m feeling like working more. I’m feeling juiced up to start writing again. I figured this blog is a good place to begin. Then I can start pretending I’m some kind of author or something again! ha! I took a look at some of my past work, and HOLY BLOODY FUCK I sucked!! hahahahah I don’t know if that means my skills have improved since then, or that I’m just not wasted 24/7 anymore…. hahahahha

I want to start more entrepreneurial endeavors! Heidi will be very glad to hear about that. ;) Maybe I should tell her I want to get into Daytrading again!! Cuz I was so good at that! Or start another online sales business. ;) hahahah Kidding of course..

The point is, I’m juiced up baby!! This feels great! Hopefully this feeling will last more than a day or two. ;)

The New PDA…

by Slack, on July 13th, 2006

So, I’m on the new PDA. I feel like I’ve finally got the damn thing dialed in and hopefully will find a nice level of productivity enhancement from it. I mean really, when it comes to my productivity lately, I can only move up. ;) Are you a Palm user? Perhaps considering your first PDA? In either case, I thought I’d write a bit of a recap of my experiences here for you. :) Hopefully it helps someone out there.
Wanna read the rest of The New PDA…?

Yay Spiderman!

by Slack, on July 7th, 2006

I WISH I were Spiderman! He rocks!
You are Spider-Man
You are intelligent, witty,
a bit geeky and have great
power and responsibility.

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