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by Slack, on April 1st, 2007

Being the F-List internet celeb that I am, I get tons of questions from the teeming millions out there. And by tons I mean hardly any at all! Well, wait no longer! I’ve posted the most frequently asked questions for you to peruse at your leisure. Enjoy!

OMG! Really? Do you actually have a FAQ?

How much time do you spend on this stupid website?
Not enough, lately. This was kind of a play area for me.

Do you actually make any money with this site?
I’ve made a beer or five along the way. I still have a day job if that’s what you’re asking. Are you in a position to change that? Got a web developer’s spot that needs fililng? Let me know!


How did you trick your wife into marrying such a dork?
It was easy. I got real drunk, and played the guitar for her. Isn’t that how everyone gets the girls?

Do you build websites for a living?
It’s one way I make my living. Come on over to House Trevethan and get a web development consultation!

Are you really so full of yourself that you dedicated a website to yourself?
No. Actually, I’m quite plain and dorky… But, thanks for that pat on the back, you jerkface. ;)

Why doesn’t Heidi post more to this site?
She always mumbles something about ‘responsibilities‘ and ‘you’re such a dork‘ when I ask her that question… Silly girl. She also has her own website at Sweetmunkies.

How many people visit your website?
More than you’d think… Less than I’d like. ;)

How long have you been wasting your time doing this pointless crap?
Well, the blog goes back to 2001… But, I was blogging before that. I just wasn’t as good at keeping everything together. Can anyone say NaviSoft? ;)

Will you make a blog for me?
You betcha! Head over to House Trevethan for some blog development!

Can you believe I’m still reading?
No. I can’t…

What kind of bike do you ride?
I got laid off of my day job awhile back and had to sell my bike to pay some bills. That makes me sad. :(

What do you do for fun?
I actually love to code! Websites to desktop applications, I love development! I’m a total MMO junkie. I’ve recently cut myself off however, since I need to concentrate on getting some work done! I still have an active subscription to Eve Online, but am going to let it lapse. I hope I get some more time soon so I can have some MMO fun!

Who do you host your sites with?
I’ve been all over when it comes to Linux hosting. Dreamhost is the best Linux host out there. They rock like Foghat on a hot, summer night. If you just want it done for you, talk to me about hosting and maintaining your website at House Trevethan.

You didn’t answer my question!
That’s a statement, Captain Grammar… But, if you still have a question, just comment it below. ;) LATERS!